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The Making of Coat of Arms

This image was created for PxlEyes contest Buck Skull. The skull and background were manipulated in Photoshop, while the shield and ribbon (Step 4-7 from the step-by step guide) were created in Illustrator.

In order to see the eight steps guide, click on the crest image below 🙂


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Create a Beautiful Fan Surrounded by Magic Shapes, Runes and Plants

In this Photoshop tutorial I am going to show you all steps taken to turn a pair of wooden mallets into a gorgeous looking fan surrounded by magic shapes, runes and plants.
To achieve the final result we shall practice and apply lots of transformations, Displacement Map, layer styles, actions and also dry brush smudge used to make amazing scattered effects and flying debris.

Click on this Magic Fan image to open the tutorial link 🙂


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Thirteen Awesome Floral Textures

Today’s freebies offered by our Photoshop Workshop contain 13 colorful and vibrant floral textures. If you choose to manipulate some of them, simply click on the respective texture and when it opens in high res, right click and select Save As to download it.

If you like them, please don’t forget to favorite or tweet and post the link to this site when you publish your photo manipulation. Enjoy photoshopping 🙂


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Stunning Water Textures Stock

Enjoy your photoshop creative work with these gorgeous water textures in high res. Simply click on the chosen picture then when it appears on your screen in its original resolution, right click and select Save As.

That’s all.

If you like these freebies, please, don’t forget to favorite or tweet the link 🙂


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How To Make a Relief Fabrics Texture in Photoshop (8 Steps only!)


Create a new .PSD file (Width: 1000px, Height: 1000px, Resolution: 72px/inch).

Click twice on the Background to turn it into an editable layer.

Set Foreground Color to #15515a and Foreground Color to #02131e.

Select Gradient Tool, Foreground to Background Gradient type, Linear, and draw the Gradient from top to bottom of your canvas.


Right click on your background layer and from the fly-out menu select Blending Options, then choose Bevel and Emboss. Change Bevel and Emboss Settings like this:

Style: Inner Bevel; Technique: Smooth; Depth: 100%; Direction: Up; Size: 250px; Soften: 0px;

Angle: 120 degrees; Use Global Light: checked; Altitude: 30 degrees; Gloss Contour: Linear;

Anti-Aliased: unchecked; Highlight Mode: Screen; Highlight Color: # ff5558;

Shadow Mode: Multiply; Shadow Color: # ff44bf


Still dont’t close the Layer Style dialog box as we are going to apply another one of the Blend Modes. Check Inner Glow option and change its settings as following:

Blend Mode: Screen; Opacity: 75%; Noise: 0%; Color: 5a402f; Technique: Softer; Source: Edge; Choke: 0%;

Size: 250px; Contour: Cove-Shallow; Anti-aliased: unchecked; Range: 100%; Jitter: 96%


Duplicate this first layer. We need to keep the original layer intact in case something gets wrong during the further manipulations.

While the duplicate is selected, go to Filter, Texture, Texturizer and move to the next STEP 4 to see the settings applied. Of course, they are optional and if you are not satisfied with the result, change them with your own settings.


In Texturizer window opened, insert these settings:

Texture: Burlap (select from the drop-down menu);

Scaling: 200%; Relief: 17; Light: Bottom Right (choose from the drop-down menu);

Leave Invert option unchecked and press OK.


No actions to perform in this step. Only see the screenshot given. Your result should resemble mine texture if you have used the same settings above. If you choose, it could be the final step for you. If interested to add some color, continue with the following 2 steps. No bother, they are short and easy.


Create a new layer on top of your Layers Palette. Select Gradient Tool, choose Transparent Rainbow Gradient, Radial type. Draw the gradient from the middle to bottom of your canvas.


Change Blend Mode of your Radial Rainbow Gradient Layer to Overlay and reduce Opacity to 20%.

The End. Your texture is ready. If you prefer different colors combo, simply change the gradient or paint with brushes of various colours and of course, play with Opacity settings.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂


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Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Fantastic Glowing Decorated Time Piece

In this tutorial (created for am going to show you all methods to create a glowing timepiece decorated with precious stones and golden insects.
I used Adobe Photoshop CS 4 and CorelDraw X3 to make the image but other versions are also applicable. At first sight the tutorial seems long, actually more of the steps contain only description of the layer style applied to the respective timepiece part. It will take you no more than three hours to implement all steps and to achieve the final result.

Please, click on the following image, to open the link 🙂


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The Making of Solitary

How to create a sad looking, solitary mythical creature from a single Kitchen View source image? Simply click on the image to open the Step-by Step Guide link, it contains 13 detailed screenshots showing the whole process of making the entry.


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