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The Making of After the Rain

This is my entry created in Adobe Illustrator for http://www.PxlEyes contest. If you are interested in seeing the detailed step-by-step guide, click on the image below to open the link 🙂

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How to Create a Bright Summer Day Image full of Flowers

View the Step by Step Guide comprising of eight steps on how this image was created in Illustrator and Photoshop. Click on the photo to open the SBS link.

The image was created for contest Mixed Media 15.


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Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Colorful Retro Style Poster

View my newest Illustrator tutorial created for Simply click on the image below to open the link 🙂


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The Making of Sting

This is my entry created for PxlEyes contest Chair Glimpse. See the detailed step by step guide to get the impression how the image was digitally created in Photoshop:


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Create a Beautiful Night Scene with Mystic Silhouettes

View my newest Photoshop tutorial created for

From this tutorial you will learn how to create a lovely starry night scene with shiny moon, mystic silhouettes of buildings and bats in the sky. You don’t need some special drawing skills as all shapes are created without painting. The whole image is a result of using Pen Tool, Rectangle and Rounded Rectangle Tool as well as Polygon Tool for the stars and Elliptical Marquee Tool for the moon. Lots of Layer Styles are used to give the objects volume, texture and glow.

Click on the image below to open the link 🙂


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Four Colorful Abstract Backgronds Created in Adobe Illustrator

The sharp new freebies offered by our Photoshop Workshop contain 4 colorful abstract backgrounds created in Adobe Illustrator and manipulated in Photoshop. If you decide to include some of them in your design works click on the chosen background and when it opens in high res, right click and select Save As to download it.

If you use these backgrounds, please don’t forget to favorite or tweet and post the source (the link to this site) wherever you submit your final digital work.

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy photoshopping :)


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Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Colorful Water World with Fish and Sea Weed

This tutorial shows detailed step-by step guide to create three different kinds of colorful fish, sea weed, vector bubble, and nice background full with glowing rays.

To make all the elements of Water World image you’ll need Adobe Illustrator. After being designed in that Vector Program, all sea creatures, bubbles and rays will be arranged and processed in Adobe Photoshop.

Any CS version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is applicable to accomplish this tutorial. The Photoshop part includes mainly Layer Styles, Blend Mode and Gradients. As for the Illustrator, we’ll be using Mesh Tool, Clipping Mask, default Patterns, Blending Object, Transformations and lots of Gradients and effects.

Hope that you won’t be repelled by these a bit more than hundred steps. Actually this is 5 in 1 tutorial as it could be divided into five parts- each of them a separate tut, i.e. one tutorial for glowing rays drawing, three tutorials dedicated to fish drawing and one tutorial on making bubble and sea weed.

Click on the following image to open the tut, created for 🙂


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